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Descend into the subterranean lair for underground electronic music, located in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Inspired by cafés, restaurants, and intimate clubs in cities worldwide, merging the perfect balance of food, drink, and a serious sound system —all of this while hiding in plain sight.

Nightly DJ programming defines the lush atmosphere of this urban terrarium. Curating the finest local artists and reviving the social experiences that make for a memorable night out—leave your pretensions behind, forget bottle service, forget your phone, interact with humans.



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Remember to be aware of those around you. We will not tolerate — racism, sexism, aggressive behaviour, or harassment of any kind towards our guests or staff.


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Photography and video are not permitted inside — nothing spoils the dancefloor like a bright screen and camera flashes. So instead, respect others and limit your phone use to the lobby.


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Sub Division offers a 21 and over experience — for adults.


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Anyone caught dealing drugs will be asked to leave the venue and not be permitted to return.


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Come as you are — we care about the music, not about what you wear. However it's a good idea to wear your dancing shoes.


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There isn't any. However, we offer a wide selection of on-tap beverages with quick and friendly service.

Picture of Sub DivisionPicture of Sub Division