Jonathan Coe

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Jonathan Coe’s two decades of DJing continues to be expressed by a deep, eclectic taste and catalog.  As one of the first to transition from vinyl to digital by way of working for FinalScratch (predecessor to Serato and all others to follow), Coe has always been future-oriented.  He is constantly on the hunt for new music and sounds to curate in his sets, connecting them with timeless classics at the right moment.  Lately he has reconnected with his love for organizing events, partnering with Toronto promoters under his brand All Day All Night, a name which reflects his work and life ethic.  Beyond DJing and hosting events, Coe has made a career in technology, creating flagship website design, development and motion graphics, as well as investing in business and culture projects with stalwart Canadian pioneers John Acquaviva and Richie Hawtin.

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